Welcome to Girls Only Language Exchange

We host events every two weeks for girls in Melbourne to practice their English and Japanese conversation together, to share their cultures and experiences, and most importantly to make friends!



Reasons to join GOLE

Practice Conversations! 会話を練習する!

A place to practice your Japanese speaking. 英会話の練習をすることができる場所。

Share Cultures! 文化を共有する!

Different people to share your culture and experiences with. 文化や経験を共有する人。

Make Friends! 友達を作る!

Somewhere you can meet new people and make lifelong friendships. 新しい人と会って生涯の友情を作れる所。

Have fun! 楽しむ!

Sometimes we play games, and even have picnics in the park. 時々ゲームをしたり公園でピクニックをしている。